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About Us

What we are

SUZVA is a product based company. We mainly create applications based on the industry need. We feel, listen and understand industry standards and develop products according to industry need. We also provide project based solutions.

Our Skills

Mobile Development
Web Design
Web Development
Enterprise Development

Why Choose Us?

We named our company SUZVA because it signifies what we bring to our client that is "Happiness", and how we feel about delivering the product to our client, that is "happy". Hence SUZVA indicates "bringing Happiness". And more over we provide solutions to our clients with a very reasonable price. And we are constrained to meeting deadlines.

Our Services

"Making a web application from SUZVA has been reasonable", that's what our client's say to us. Our designer's and developer's are well versed in creating stunning User Interfaces and making them responsive to every device that a user accesses. What ever the technology it is, we are ready to adapt it and deliver it to client.
Mobile Industry has proven to be increasingly growing every year. Using the mobile platform to offer e-Learning courseware is the next step in the e-Learning revolution. Additionally as phones become increasingly "smarter" the difference in the capabilities of a PC and a Phone is diminishing. Suzva has proven capabilites in development of Mobile applications and can add value to such projects.
The demand on Quality Assurance has grown significantly for enterprises of today. Suzva Testing Services are backed by a strong legacy of testing expertise and endorsed for its wide range of testing services spectrum, quality of resources, wider delivery capabilities and strongly recognized as a sound choice for its customers by leading analysts.